Why Should You Choose a Cedar Trunk?



The use of cedar for home furniture, trunks, and chests has a long and captivating history. Many ancient civilizations believed the long-lasting wood held spiritual powers, and used it to build extravagant temples, lavish homes, and vast fleets of ships. Centuries ago, Native Americans were the first to give Western Red Cedar—a prized cedar variety—the name “Tree of Life.”

Throughout centuries and into today, cedar has maintained a highly regarded reputation in home furnishings for its beautiful natural colors, durability, sustainability, and resistance to environmental conditions such as insects, humidity, odors, and more. Cedar trunks and chests are often associated with cherished heirlooms and familial treasures, and as Bust Magazine notes, they have long been given as special gifts to those starting new families or homes.

Cedar Makes a Statement


Rhino Cedar

With unparalleled quality, durability, lastingness, and natural beauty, a genuine cedar trunk is truly a treasure in itself. The rich colors and natural warmth of real cedar brings life to any space—may it be your home, cabin, cottage, or office.

Effortlessly versatile, the Rhino Cedar Trunk™ is carefully designed and constructed with many purposes in mind. Made to the highest of standards, it is conveniently sized and ruggedly built to serve a multitude of functions—from storage space that’s secure, spacious, and easy to stow, to furniture that’s strong enough to stand and sit on. And you can bet that no matter where you display your genuine Rhino Cedar Trunk™, it’s bound to be a statement piece that gets people talking.

Matchless Beauty and Construction



Our hand-crafted Rhino Cedar Trunk™ is constructed from 100% real Western Red Knotty Cedar—both inside and out. You won’t find paper or plastic lining anywhere on this piece. This cedar variety has earned a glowing reputation not only for its matchless natural beauty, but also for its environmentally green, sustainable characteristics.

One superior feature of Western Red Knotty Cedar is its non-aromatic quality. With this, you can enjoy the subtle aroma of wood without the overpowering smell of a standard cedar closet. You can safely store blankets, linens, and clothing in the trunk while knowing they won’t come out with a strong odor.

As with any Rhino trunk, our expert craftsmanship includes both old world trunk-making skills and advanced aviation rivet technology to ensure a quality construction unlike any other. No detail has been spared. Genuine, sturdy leather handles on each side and built-in wheel plates for removable wheels make it easy to take this trunk anywhere you want to go. Heavy-duty steel and aluminum aircraft rivets, and nickel-plated steel latches, lid hinges, and lid-stays ensure exceptional durability, functionality, and endurance. Tight-fitting steel tongues and groove lids keep out moisture, dirt, pests, and odors. And with a stylish, nickel-plated trunk lock and padlock loop, you can trust that your items will stay exactly where you want them.

Why Rhino’s Cedar Trunk?



There’s a reason why our Rhino Cedar Trunk™ has appeared on several TV shows, including The Amazing Race and Ty Pennington’s Extreme Makeover, and in such publications as Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens. We’re proud to be a part of the centuries-old history of cherished cedar furniture, and our constant goal is to bring you the very best there is.

All Rhino trunks, including the Rhino Cedar Trunk™, are USA-made and crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail in Rochester, New York. We build each and every trunk with our customers in mind, because at the end of the day, we want you to be proud you chose a Rhino.

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