Beyonce previews adidas x IVY PARK launch with Rhino trunk unboxing


Courtesy of adidas x IVY PARK

Courtesy of adidas x IVY PARK

As we move closer and closer to the highly anticipated launch of Beyoncé’s new adidas x IVY PARK collection, fans can’t get enough of the superstar’s sneak peeks and teasers of the new line.

Beyoncé, now the sole owner of IVY PARK—and celebrated as “one of the first black women to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand”—joined forces with adidas back in 2019 to design a collection that “celebrates power, freedom and individuality for anyone who has the confidence to take chances and live unapologetically.”

Diverse and Inclusive

One of the most talked-about features of the new line is its wide variety of gender-neutral pieces. In an interview with Elle, Beyoncé says that the line is “fun and lends itself to creativity, the ultimate power. I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in IVY PARK. The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules.”

All in the Presentation

Since announcing the collaboration in 2019, Beyoncé has been brilliantly strategic in her gradual, hype-building sneak peeks and reveals. Starting with hints at the orange and maroon color scheme in December, she kicked off 2020 with explosive previews and fresh glimpses at what the launch has in store, including a teaser video featuring Beyoncé herself, sporting the new apparel.

But just yesterday, the superstar took social media by storm with a series of adidas x IVY PARK “unboxings”—one of which prominently features an adidas x IVY PARK-branded wardrobe trunk from the one and only Rhino. With stop-motion effects, the large orange and maroon striped trunk rolls out into view as its latches pop open to reveal a breathtaking wardrobe of items from the new collection.

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adidas x IVY PARK unboxing

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The adidas x IVY PARK brand page also posted its own unboxing sneak peek, and we couldn’t help but be awed by a room full of orange, striped Rhinos.




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With a pre-launch as hot as this, presentation is everything. And we think her millions of fans would agree—Beyoncé couldn’t have done it better.

The adidas x IVY PARK collection launches everywhere January 18. Be sure to watch Rhino’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates as they come.

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