Harry Potter™ Trunk Spotted at the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

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There’s something about a label that says “Made in America.” A product that is designed, crafted, and produced in America typically indicates a certain level of craftsmanship and commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing. There are no cities more American than Rochester, NY. It’s a creative, time-tested, enduring city where people are known for their hard work, grit, and heart. And while often noted for its blue-collar roots, Rochester is unique as a cultural hub for arts organizations and craftsmen alike. At Rhino Trunk and Case, we’re proud to have been founded, established, and operating exclusively in Rochester for nearly 20 years. Every Rhino trunk on the market has been designed, engineered, hand crafted, and distributed entirely from the Rhino Trunk manufacturing facility in Rochester. (more…)

Rhino Trunks Take IVY PARK Launch to the Next Level

Courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram

Courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram

Since first announcing her collaboration with adidas for the new IVY PARK release back in spring 2019, Beyonce’s fans have anxiously awaited the official launch of the adidas x IVY PARK collection.

Now, the long wait is over. The highly anticipated collection of gender-neutral, orange and maroon clothing, shoes, and accessories officially dropped this weekend, becoming available online and in stores—and creating a fan frenzy that’s “breaking the internet.” According to CNN, “the #IvyParkXAdidas hashtag made it to at least #3 on Twitter’s top 10 trending topics in the United States during the day.” And the entire collection sold out within hours of going live online. (more…)

Beyonce previews adidas x IVY PARK launch with Rhino trunk unboxing


Courtesy of adidas x IVY PARK

Courtesy of adidas x IVY PARK

As we move closer and closer to the highly anticipated launch of Beyoncé’s new adidas x IVY PARK collection, fans can’t get enough of the superstar’s sneak peeks and teasers of the new line. (more…)

A Wardrobe Trunk Fit for the Stars


There’s perhaps no image more iconic than an Old Hollywood film star or famous dancer sitting in their dressing room and getting ready for a glamorous event, surrounded by lavish clothes, costumes, and shoes organized in stunning wardrobe trunks. You almost never saw a star leaving or arriving anywhere without being accompanied by their coveted wardrobe trunks. (Elizabeth Taylor was known to travel with at least 8-10 at a time!) But in today’s world of monotonous luggage and duffel bags, just seeing one can take your breath away. You know a star is nearby. (more…)

Why Should You Choose a Cedar Trunk?



The use of cedar for home furniture, trunks, and chests has a long and captivating history. Many ancient civilizations believed the long-lasting wood held spiritual powers, and used it to build extravagant temples, lavish homes, and vast fleets of ships. Centuries ago, Native Americans were the first to give Western Red Cedar—a prized cedar variety—the name “Tree of Life.”

Throughout centuries and into today, cedar has maintained a highly regarded reputation in home furnishings for its beautiful natural colors, durability, sustainability, and resistance to environmental conditions such as insects, humidity, odors, and more. Cedar trunks and chests are often associated with cherished heirlooms and familial treasures, and as Bust Magazine notes, they have long been given as special gifts to those starting new families or homes. (more…)

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