Summer Camp Trunks

Summer Camp Trunks and Summer Camp have been an important part of American tradition since the 1800's  for kids, teens, and families. Often an escape from the fast pace of modern life, summer camp today is a chance for children and teens to take a break from screens and experience the larger world around them. Summer camps have changed over the years from various themes and activities offered, to gear and supplies that better suit the modern camper. But there’s one iconic piece of the summer camp tradition that’s still going strong. And that’s the summer camp trunk.

When it comes to our kids, there is no compromising safety and quality. That’s why Rhino Trunk & Case manufactures every summer camp trunk to California Prop 65 standards and utilizes our industry leading soft close safety lid stay. Combined with our unparalleled American craftsmanship and classic good looks, it’s no wonder that Rhino Trunk & Case is the most popular summer camp trunk on the planet.

Available in three sizes, four trim options and lots of colors.

Summer Camp Trunks

Summer Camp

Summer Camp campers need to pack a lot of clothes, gear, and supplies to keep them taken care of for a long period of time. Summer Camp campers need to be prepared for nights away from home, the activities they’ll be a part of, and the possible outdoor elements they’ll face. They need to make sure their items stay organized, safe, and secure at all times. Many young campers need luggage they can continue to use for years, instead of something that will need to be replaced over and over again. When stacked up against other options like suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks, summer camp trunks are second-to-none. Summer Camp Trunks are spacious enough to keep your child’s clothing and supplies tidy and organized in one place, while also keeping them safe and protected. The answer to all of these needs are the Rhino Trunk & Case Summer Camp Trunks.

Camp trunks are sturdy, easy to transport, and convenient to stow. They’re also multi-functional and can be used for extra seating, as game tables, and as step stools for bunk beds. Summer Camp Trunks are so superior in quality and practicality, that many camps actually require campers to have them.

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