College Dorm Trunks

College Dorm Trunks from Rhino Trunk & Case are the perfect secure place to store the thousands of dollars in electronics and personal items school students bring with them to college each year. America’s most popular college dorm trunk also serves as a bench, coffee table or even a step up to the loft bed.

Unfortunately, dorm theft is an increasing concern across college and university campuses. Most college thefts involve smaller, valuable items that are easily snatched when left unprotected. With a stylish college dorm trunk you have a secure and reliable safe for the smaller items you value most, such as a laptop, passport, camera, prescription medicines, money, jewelry, and keepsakes. When it comes to your most expensive and treasured items, peace of mind is priceless.

Many colors & styles available including The College Dorm Trunk, College Dorm Bedside Trunk, College Dorm Under Bed Trunk, College Dorm Wardrobe Trunk and more.

College Dorm Trunks

College & Universities Dorm Trunks

Living in a dorm room is a learning experience of its own. Dorm rooms aren’t typically very big, but they need to serve many different purposes all at once: a bedroom, a study room, a living room, a social hangout, etc. Furnishing a dorm room can be a challenge, as the pieces need to be both multi-functional and compact enough to fit in a small space.

The Bedside Dorm Trunk is the perfect companion to the standard College Dorm Trunk (which offers its own spacious storage, additional seating, and a step up onto a lofted bed). It fits perfectly into tight spaces and serves a number of essential purposes no other trunk can. Because of its versatile dimensions and unique design, the Bedside Dorm Trunk works as the perfect night stand, offering just the right amount of height and space needed to tether chargers for phones and electronic devices, as well as hold a lamp, drink, book, glasses, or other accessories.

Depending on your dorm room you may need under bed storage and a complete space for clothes. Under bed trunks and full wardrobe trunks may also be needed and are available.

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