Should You Buy a Trunk for Summer Camp?


It’s almost summer camp season, and parents are already making plans, lists, and preparations. One of the biggest concerns parents have this time of year is what and how to pack for summer camp. Does your child need one of the camp trunks you’ve always heard about, or should they bring something like a suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack? Camp trunks are an essential part of the camp experience, both in sentimental value and in practicality. We’re here to tell you why. (more…)

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp


Summer is just around the corner, and for many families, that means summer camp. Going to summer camp is a warm and happy memory for many, and a learning experience that can greatly impact a child’s development and self-confidence, as they grow more independent. It’s a time when kids are free to explore new parts of their world, try new activities, make new friends, and fully enjoy the unique adventure of childhood itself.

But many campers (and their parents) often experience some pre-camp anxiety before leaving home for the first time. Here are five ways you can help prepare your child emotionally for summer camp by involving them in every step of the physical preparation process. (more…)

Rhino Memory Trunks: the Sentimental Solution

GETTY/Good Housekeeping

GETTY/Good Housekeeping

This time of year, we’re probably all thinking about how to get rid of the clutter from the long winter hibernation and make room for spring. There are thousands of useful resources, books, and tips on how to de-clutter, get organized, and stay organized. But no matter how many color-coded labels and plastic bins you’re able to store away, there are always some things you still don’t know what to do with. Very often, these things end up being items of personal sentimental value—things you want to keep safe and protected for a long time, while also having easy access to from time to time. After all, they’re the memories you never want to forget. (more…)

Harry Potter™ Trunk Spotted at the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

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There’s something about a label that says “Made in America.” A product that is designed, crafted, and produced in America typically indicates a certain level of craftsmanship and commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing. There are no cities more American than Rochester, NY. It’s a creative, time-tested, enduring city where people are known for their hard work, grit, and heart. And while often noted for its blue-collar roots, Rochester is unique as a cultural hub for arts organizations and craftsmen alike. At Rhino Trunk and Case, we’re proud to have been founded, established, and operating exclusively in Rochester for nearly 20 years. Every Rhino trunk on the market has been designed, engineered, hand crafted, and distributed entirely from the Rhino Trunk manufacturing facility in Rochester. (more…)

Rhino Trunks Take IVY PARK Launch to the Next Level

Courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram

Courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram

Since first announcing her collaboration with adidas for the new IVY PARK release back in spring 2019, Beyonce’s fans have anxiously awaited the official launch of the adidas x IVY PARK collection.

Now, the long wait is over. The highly anticipated collection of gender-neutral, orange and maroon clothing, shoes, and accessories officially dropped this weekend, becoming available online and in stores—and creating a fan frenzy that’s “breaking the internet.” According to CNN, “the #IvyParkXAdidas hashtag made it to at least #3 on Twitter’s top 10 trending topics in the United States during the day.” And the entire collection sold out within hours of going live online. (more…)

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