May 27th 2020

Why Your College Dorm Room Needs a Bedside Trunk

Why Your College Dorm Room Needs a Bedside Trunk

For students, college is a time of milestone firsts. It’s the first time living on your own, the first time managing your own schedule, and the first time doing (or not doing) your own laundry. And this time of newness and learning naturally prepares you for a lifetime of firsts that will follow: a first apartment, a first job, a first rent. But college is also the time to learn firsthand how to organize, care for, and protect your own belongings in a way you’ve never had to before. You’re entering a world of sudden independence, and preparing for it can be overwhelming.

One of the best ways to prepare is to first consider your home base: the dorm room. Having what you need to create the most efficient and functional space possible will ensure you have a solid start to this new independence (and a haven to return to when you just need a break from the whole “adult” thing).

Enter: the Bedside Dorm Trunk.

Get the Most Out of Your Space

Living in a dorm room is a learning experience of its own. Dorm rooms aren’t typically very big, but they need to serve many different purposes all at once: a bedroom, a study room, a living room, a social hangout, etc. Furnishing a dorm room can be a challenge, as the pieces need to be both multi-functional and compact enough to fit in a small space.

The Bedside Dorm Trunk is the perfect companion to the standard College Trunk (which offers its own spacious storage, additional seating, and a step up onto a lofted bed). It fits perfectly into tight spaces and serves a number of essential purposes no other trunk can. Who ever said you only need one trunk, anyway? Because of its versatile dimensions and unique design, the Bedside Dorm Trunk works as the perfect night stand, offering just the right amount of height and space needed to tether chargers for phones and electronic devices, as well as hold a lamp, drink, book, glasses, or other accessories. Interior shelves in the body and along the door provide additional secure storage for your favorite items—snacks, books, keepsakes, etc. The trunk itself is fully reversible and allows you to open the door to the left or right, depending on which side of the bed it’s on.

Focus on Your Style

As with any piece of furniture, you also want something that’s visually attractive. A piece that works well with your décor style and something you can feel proud of. The classic, iconic design of the Bedside Dorm Trunk is one that will never go out of style. It’s a timeless piece that displays quality and excellence wherever it goes, and it comes in a wide variety of customizable color and trim options.

American-made and hand-crafted from birch hardwood—with a sturdy base, scratch-resistant surface, and sleek trim—the Bedside Dorm Trunk is built to give your space a modern feel, while also providing an enduring design and durability that you'll appreciate for years to come.

Protect Your Stuff

Unfortunately, dorm theft is an increasing concern across college and university campuses. Most college thefts involve smaller, valuable items that are easily snatched when left unprotected. With a stylish trunk lock and loop (which are compatible with most standard padlocks), the Bedside College Trunk also functions as a secure and reliable safe for the smaller items you value most, such as a laptop, passport, camera, prescription medicines, money, jewelry, and keepsakes. When it comes to your most expensive and treasured items, peace of mind is priceless.

Consider Life After College

Dorm furniture doesn’t always transition well into life after college. Beanbag chairs and neon floor lamps don’t often fit the aesthetic of a first, grown-up apartment; and many inexpensive furniture pieces are built to last only a few years. One of the greatest, most enduring qualities about the Bedside Dorm Trunk is that its multi-functional and timeless design works just as well for a first apartment as it does for a dorm room. When you bring a Bedside Dorm Trunk with you to college, you know it’s with you for the long haul.

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