Product Questions

What’s the difference between the Armor Trunk and the Leather Embossed Vinyl Trunk?

The primary difference is the exterior surface. Armor Trunk exteriors are made with woven fabric, while Leather Embossed Vinyl Trunk exteriors are made with a custom made, extremely durable vinyl that's great for putting decals and stickers on.

What size trunk should I get?

The size of your trunk will greatly depend on your needs and its purpose. If you are looking specifically for a camp trunk, the most popular size is a Large or XL Leather Embossed Vinyl Trunk. If you are looking specifically for a college trunk, the most popular sizes are Large and XXL.

What’s the best way to clean the exterior of my trunk?

Because different trunk styles are made from different materials, the cleaning and maintenance instructions vary for each. Armor Trunk exteriors, which are made with woven fabric, can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and mild detergent. Leather Embossed Vinyl Trunk exteriors can be cleaned with Windex or something similar.

Are your trunks sturdy?

Extremely. Rhino trunks are second-to-none in quality construction and craftsmanship. Built with only the highest quality materials, such as durable hardwood frames and steel hardware, most of our trunks can support up to 200 pounds, and are strong enough to be used for far more than storage—such as a sitting bench, a coffee table, or a stepping stool.

How far into the trunk does the tray extend?

The tray sits inside the top of the sidewall, which sits inside the lid.  See the specifications section under the trunk you are interested in.

Can my child paint/decorate the trunk?

Due to the difference in exterior surface materials, this is only possible for the Leather Embossed Vinyl Trunk or the Naked Trunk. We do not advise painting or decorating the Armor Trunk.  Decals will not stick to the Armor Trunk.

How does the Word Lock work?

Every Word Lock comes set up with a generic manufacturer password of TRUN and a space. To reset the password, the lock must be open. Simply slide open the silver tab at the end of the lock, enter your desired password, and it will be reset.

How does the anchor cable system work?

The anchor cable system uses a sturdy cable that runs around the trunk and through one bolt so that the trunk can be effectively tethered to a fixed object.

Are your trunks fireproof / waterproof / mildewproof?

No, our trunks are not built with fireproof / waterproof / mildewproof capabilities. We advise extreme caution when using your trunk around these elements.  Especially in storage units which can be very damp and humid.  Not a good place to keep your trunk.

Do you make custom sizes?

Absolutely! Our Rhino design team is ready and waiting to develop a custom trunk or case that meets your specific requirements. Your trunk or case may be as small as a shoebox or as big as a Rhinoceros. Give us the concept and we’ll bring it to life. Contact us directly to discuss your custom project.

Can I come in and look around? I’m not sure what I want.

Unfortunately no, this isn’t possible. Our facility is a manufacturing plant/warehouse and not a physical retail location. We work hard to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible with our wide range of online product offerings.

Do you ever sell factory 2nds? How does that work?

Yes! Our factory 2nds are authentic, American-made Rhino products that may have been scratched, dinged/dented, stained, or have experienced some delamination as they came through the production line. They work perfectly well and will hold up and perform as well as a factory first. (A Rhino product has to be perfect to be labeled a factory first.) See our inventory on eBay.com (RhinoTrunkDirect) and TrunkOutlet.com. We've sold hundreds of factory 2nds over the years and have 100% positive feedback.

Can I take my trunk on an airplane?

Regular trunks should never be used as shipping containers. This is the case for all trunks, industry-wide. That includes shipping via UPS, FedEx, airlines, etc. Shipping containers endure excessive abuse during transport which will dent and/or scratch your trunk. If you are going to ship a trunk, we advise that you put it back in its original box for shipment.

However, if you are looking for a trunk specifically with shipping and airline transportation in mind, our Indestructo Travel Trunk and ATA Shipping Cases are designed and engineered for these purposes.

Order and Shipping Questions

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

Do you have a military discount?

Yes, we proudly offer a 10% discount for all military personnel.

Do you offer a discount for ordering a certain number of trunks?

If you are looking to place a bulk order of more than 10 trunks, please contact our sales department for discount pricing.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Products will typically ship within 5 business days of receiving your order. The bulk of our products ship from our distribution facility in Rochester, NY. Once your order leaves our facility, normal FedEx delivery will take approximately 2-5 business days, depending on your shipping location.

If shipping to a residential address, FedEx will deliver seven days a week. If shipping to a business location, FedEx will deliver Monday through Friday. Any FedEx Express packages are delivered Monday through Friday, unless otherwise specified.

How much does shipping cost?

Free Ground Shipping is offered for any order over $99 within the Continental U.S. Delivery via this option takes 5-12 business days, although delivery may vary.  The current shipping environment is very difficult and FedEx/UPS are not holding to their promised delivery times 100% of the time.

If you need guaranteed delivery in the Continental U.S. within 4-7 business days, that option is offered in the checkout process. Again, delivery services including FedEx have had on-time delivery issues.

Should you require 3 Day, 2nd Day, or Overnight shipping, please use the shipping calculator in the shopping cart.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, we do. If you would rather pick up your order from our warehouse in Rochester, NY, please make a note on your order or contact us to set up an appointment. If you choose to pick up your order, your delivery charge will be refunded.

Do you ship international orders?

We are not accepting international orders other than Canada.

Shipping trunks to the major cities of Canada generally costs between US$150 and US$200 per trunk via FedEx Ground.  The rate varies according to the size of the trunk. You can use our shipping calculator in your shopping cart to find out the shipping cost. If you live outside of the major Canadian Metro areas, please email us for a quote - please include your postal code.--

Do you ship military orders?

We are proud to supply our men and women in the military, as well as civilian contractors with most items on our website.  We can ship smaller items through the US Postal Service to APOs and FPOs.  However, trunks are too large to ship via the postal service and UPS does not deliver to APOS or FPOs.  Please contact us for a shipping quote prior to placing your order at info@rhinotrunkandcase.com.

We do not ship to PO boxes or use the U.S. Postal Service unless it is an unusual situation or if we are shipping internationally. However, we do ship non-trunk items to APOs and FPOs (see below). All items are automatically shipped with insurance - there is no added cost to our customers for this service.

Returns and Warranty Questions

Color Representation

We do our best to accurately represent the various colors of the products on our website. Due to differences in computer monitors and display settings, we cannot guarantee that the color(s) shown on your personal screen will exactly match the color(s) of the product you will receive. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, please see our return policy below.

Do you offer warranties for Rhino products?

Yes! We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for every Rhino trunk to cover non-cosmetic repairs. All Rhino Trunks are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for a period of one year from the date you receive your order. The customer is responsible for round trip shipping costs when returning the trunk to the Rhino facility for any repairs.

My trunk was just delivered and it is damaged. What should I do?

If your trunk was ordered directly from Rhinotrunkandcase.com, please contact us immediately to discuss warranty repair or replacement options. If you placed your order through one of our retailers, please contact them directly for assistance.

My trunk needs repairs under warranty, but I’m not able to ship it back. Can you still help?

Absolutely. We can set up a call tag with FedEx to retrieve the item from you for a $12 fee. We will send a FedEx driver to your address with a label ready so you don’t have to worry about shipping the trunk yourself.  We will also bill you (credit card) for the round trip shipping charges.

What is your return policy?

Returns - FedEx Damaged it on the Way to Your Home

Every effort is made to deliver a defect-free trunk to you. If you notice any damage to the shipping box, please have the FedEx driver inspect the trunk before you take possession of it. Any damage from shipping must be reported to us within 10 business days of receiving your trunk. Please notify us by sending an email to info@rhinotrunkandcase.com along with pictures of the damage and a a brief explanation of the problem. We will respond with instructions. Please do not contact the shipping courier directly for making the damage claim. You must report all damage claims through us. The trunk or other products must be placed in the original shipping box along with any packaging material that came with it for us to be able to file a claim with FedEx, so please hold on to the packaging. A replacement trunk will be sent to you within 6 business days. Therefore, please email us immediately if your trunk was damaged during the shipping process. Thank you!

Returns - Our Mistake, Customer Received the Wrong Item

We're only human. On rare occasion, we can ship out the wrong item. Don't worry, we'll take care of it. However, all products must be returned in new and unused condition within 10 business days of receiving your order. Before returning the item(s), you must obtain an RA# from us. Simply send us an email at info@rhinotrunkandcase.com along with a brief explanation of the problem. We will respond with a Return Authorization Number (RA#) along with instructions. We will issue a call tag with FedEx and have them pick up the item(s) at our expense. All you have to do is package it up with the original packing material and box. After we have received the item back at our facility, we will send you a replacement at our expense.

Returns - Hey, It's Not What I Expected. Can I Return It?

Of course you can! The item must be returned in new and unused condition. Just put it back in the original carton with the original packing material - and follow these simple steps:

Within 30 days of receiving your order send us an email at info@rhinotrunkandcase.com or call us at 866-439-4553 along with a brief explanation for your return.  We will respond with return instructions giving you a choice of: Our emailing you a FedEx label which you will affix to the carton and then just take the carton to any FedEx store.  Or, we can issue a Call Tag with FedEx and FedEx will come to your door and pick the carton up – no paperwork or heavy lifting (there is a $12 FedEx Convenience Fee for this service).  In returning your order you are responsible for all shipping charges. What this means is - you are responsible not only for the shipping cost back to us but also for the shipping cost originally incurred by Rhino Trunk and Case when your order was shipped to you. In other words, you are responsible for all shipping both ways.

All orders returned as a result of a “refused delivery” will be subject to the return policy applicable to that order. Failure to follow the applicable return policy for any order may result in that order not being eligible for a refund.

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